Book Entry — Who Needs It?

 Planet Hollywood

PLANET HOLLYWOOD — Owns and franchises very successful restaurants featuring real memorabilia from classic movies. The certificate sports a dazzling multicolor view of their restaurant plus the facsimile sigmatures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.


 Florida Panthers Logo

FLORIDA PANTHERS — The NHL Hockey club also owns Hyatt Regency, Pier 66 Resort and Marina, and the Radisson Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center in South Florida. This flashy and colorful certificate is dominated by the Panthers logo. It comes with the facsimile signature of Wayne Heunzinga of Blockbuster Video and Republic Industries fame, but whom most Cleveland Indians fans will remember as the present owner of the Florida Marlins.


 Pixar -- "Buzz"

PIXAR — A very successful digital movie studio producting computer animated feature films with a 3-D appearance. Their biggest hit, Toy Story, was created and produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney. More to come! The certificate vignette shows off your favorite little toy people: Woody, Buzz, Lightyear, and others. The certificate is signed in facsimile by the Chairman of the Board, the legendary Steve Jobs.


 Mattel (children's toys)

MATTEL — The world's largest toy maker, best known for Barbie, Fisher Price pre-school, and Disney related toys. Last year's acquisition of Tyco Toys added Matchbox cars, trucks and Sesame Street toys. The very colorful certificate and vignette depicts children playing with toys, including Hot Wheels and Barbie. Also shown is the red corporate logo and El Segundo, California headquarters.


Rockwell International

ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL — If you're thinking space shuttle and B-1B Bomber, think again. This is not your father's Rockwell International! After spinning off its aerospace and defense business recently, Rockwell is now an avionics, communications, and semiconductor company with $12 billion in sales. Your next modem may be a Rockwell. Ther certificate is very ornately engraved.



HEXCEL — Manufactures honeycomb, advanced composites and resins for aerospace, industrial and defense markets. Ciba-Geigy owns 49.8% of Hexcel, whick used to be a division of Hercules Inc. the unusual design of the certificate reflects the structural integrity and honeycombed nature of their products. This is a clever, attractive and unusual design.


Orbital Sciences Corp.

ORBITAL SCIENCES — This space technology company roduces small satellites, launch vehicles, and ground support equipment. It has been responsible for 17 successful Pegasus launch missions to-date among its many other projects. The fanciful and colorful certificate boasts a view from outer-space complete with planets, stars and nebula.


Scheid Vineyards

SCHEID VINEYARDS — Major producer of varietal grapes with 5,000 acres of vineyards in California's Monterey & San Benito Counties. Primarily chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and gewurztraminer vines are planted. The certificate boasts a full page screened view of a rolling California wine country planted with grape vines. colorful and eye-pleasing & signed by Heidi & Alfred Scheid.


Thanksgiving Coffee

THANKSGIVING COFFEE — This company is no longer available, but it is one of the most interest, colorful, and graphic.


PopArt Gallery

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